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    Ben Carson Open Letter

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    Dear Dr. Carson,


    I am appalled by the ignorance of the news media.  If Sharia law ruled the land, there would be no freedom of speech, no free news media.


    Women would be second class citizens.  They would not even be allowed to drive a car.


    Sharia law is completely inconsistent with the United States Constitution.  Islam is a theocracy ruled by Sharia law.


    There would be no freedom of speech, no freedom of the press, no freedom of religion, and the right to vote would be meaningless.


    Cutting off someone’s hand for theft is barbaric.


    Killing someone for converting to a religion other than Islam is not freedom.


    In fact, no one who lives in an Islamic state is free.


    I stand behind you.


    I agree with you.


    The vast majority of Americans agree with you.


    Please stand firm.  Don’t give in one inch. 


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