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    Get Your Copy of "Gifted Hands"

    Across America concerned citizens are tired of the usual suspects who fail us. Hardworking American patriots like you are rallying to turn our country around from weakness, socialism, and moral and financial bankruptcy.

    Some say you should elect a politician with government experience. But politicians are the very ones destroying this country. Unlike "experienced" politicians, Dr. Ben Carson has never apologized for America around the world, never driven the country deeper into unsustainable debt and never forced fellow medical professionals to commit abortions.

    Dr. Ben Carson offers a different set of experiences.  Unlike the President, he grew up poor and clawed his way to educational and professional excellence.  Carson is right on the issues. He can destroy any Democrat's black voter base... and can heal our country from racial division intentionally made worse by this administration.

    America usually gets the government we deserve. Your contribution today to The 2016 Committee says you believe that we deserve better.

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    Endorse Dr. Ben Carson for President

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    Are you tired of Obamacare, constitutional violations, reckless spending, overwhelming debt, and divisive political games from both sides of the aisle?

    I know you are... and you are not alone!

    Thousands of patriots, like you, are fighting against the status quo by endorsing Dr. Ben Carson for President.

    We don't want the GOP Establishment's endorsement... we want YOUR endorsement!

    Together, we'll show the country that Dr. Carson has a larger groundswell of grassroots support than anyone else!

    So don't let the establishment pick the GOP nominee in 2016.

    Instead, join the hundreds of thousands of Americans who are endorsing Dr. Ben Carson for President in 2016.

    It's time to take America back!

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