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Dr. Carson is an accomplished leader who can heal, unite and lead our country back to greatness. Add your endorsement!

Ben Carson is the right man at the right place at the right time.  He will not only win by garnering votes from all Americans regardless of race or background, he is the one candidate for President who is uniquely positioned to heal and unite our nation. 

He is the only candidate who has more than three decades of experience running a multi-hundred million dollar enterprise.  He knows how to make a payroll, understands how to meet a budget, how to spend within only what we have, and the importance of keeping taxes low.

Equally important, Ben Carson is not a career politician.  You can trust Ben Carson to do what he says.  He will abide by the Constitution, shrink government, and rebuild respect for America around the globe.  Ben Carson will restore American prosperity and keep our nation safe, strong, and vigilant.

Ben Carson will get America back on track.

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